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Configure my custom Bumper Sticker for ActBlue - Custom Image

Configure my custom Bumper Sticker for ActBlue - Custom Image

This is a design listing. You can use it to configure the design for products you would like to sell through ActBlue. When you check out, it won't cost you anything, and we will email you the files and information you need to configure your product on ActBlue. Then, when supporters order it, we will fulfill your products for you!

  • CUSTOM DESIGN: Upload a design and configure a custom 9"x3" bumper sticker to offer on ActBlue. Then you can publish your item to an ActBlue page so your supporters can make contributions and receive bumper stickers.
  • UNION PRINTED: We are a union shop and all bumper stickers are union printed with an optional union bug you can configure. 
  • HIGH QUALITY BUMPER STICKERS: We think your supporters should LOVE having your bumper sticker on their car or laptop. The bumper stickers are printed in full color with UV-resistant ink on easily removable 6 mil vinyl. They are designed to be durable and removable for up to 3 years. 

Design Files: Your image should be 9.25"x3.25". We will trim 0.125" on all sides for a finished size of 9"x3". Keep all information 0.25" from the original edges to prevent it from being cut off.

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