How much does the merch cost?

How much does the merch cost?

We have designed MerchBlue to make it as easy as possible for you to make money using merch.

That means we don't charge any upfront fees to get set up on ActBlue or to configure your merch. You only pay us when someone makes a donation in exchange for merch, or if you decide you want to purchase some merch directly. If you purchase directly, bulk pricing is available and you can combine shipping for multiple items.

If you are offering merch on an ActBlue page, since you can't calculate or separate out shipping costs, the pricing for merch (and the donation amounts you ask for) needs to build in the cost of shipping. If you compare the costs of MerchBlue to other vendors, make sure you are counting all of the costs - including setup and shipping.

For our most common products, pricing is as follows:

 Product Product price Shipping Total Suggested
T-shirts (single-sided) $19.60 $6.68 $26.28 $35-50
T-shirts (double-sided) $24.60 $6.68 $31.28 $40-55
Yard sign (full color, double-sided,
with stand)
$19.45 $14.00 $33.45 $50
Button (1.25", 2.25", or 3" round) $2.50 $4.26 $6.76 $10
Bumper sticker (9"x3") $3.15 $0.85 $4.00 $10
Tote (single-sided) $17.70 $6.68 $24.38 $30-50
Tote (double-sided) $19.70 $6.68 $26.38 $30-50


Pricing is subject to change periodically; we will keep this page updated.

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