How to configure merch if you already have a logo or design

How to configure merch if you already have a logo or design

If you already have a logo or design, configuring your merch is pretty straightforward.

1. Choose your item

Under the "Design your merch" menu item, choose the type of item you would like to configure. In the list of products, look for the ones that include the words "Custom Image" in the product name, for instance "Configure my custom shirt for ActBlue - Custom Image".

2. Configure your item and upload your logo or graphic

Choose the options for the item you would like, such as the color and type of shirt, and then look for the grey box that says, "Drag & Drop your files or Browse". Drag your logo or graphic into that box (or click on it to browse for your file on your computer).

The ideal logo or graphic is one that is high enough resolution and which has transparency in the areas you don't want printed. A vector file or a .PNG with transparency will work well. Note that if your graphic has a background color, that background color (even white) will be printed by default.

3. Arrange the logo or graphic (and union bug) on your item

Once you have loaded your image or logo, you can arrange it on the item, resize it if you want, and move it within the print area. You can also choose to add the union bug, resize it, recolor it, and place it where you want.

4. Add the item to your shopping cart and check out

Product configuration is free. You'll see that your item has a zero dollar price if you are just configuring it to offer it on ActBlue.

5. Once you have checked out, you will get an email with your product configuration information

In roughly one business day, you will get an email with a preview graphic of the item you configured and the information you need to add it to your ActBlue page.

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