• Why offer merch?

    Merch is a great fundraiser, but that's not the only reason you should offer it. It helps build a stronger sense of community, too!

    Why offer merch? 
  • Getting Started

    An overview of how to get started offering merch on your ActBlue page.

    Getting started 
  • How to connect your ActBlue account, step-by-step

    Getting your ActBlue account connected will make it possible for us to fulfill your merch orders!

    How to connect your ActBlue account 
  • How to configure merch with your logo or graphic

    If you already have a campaign logo or graphic designed, it's easy to configure merch to use it.

    Configure my logo onto merch 
  • How to configure merch using a template

    If you don't have a design, or you need something simple, you can use a template to get your merch up quickly - no design skills needed!

    Use a template 
  • Add your merch to an ActBlue page

    Once your merch is configured, you can add it to an ActBlue page and start offering it to your supporters!

    Add your merch to ActBlue 
  • Pricing FAQs

    Wondering how much the merch will cost? Get your answers here.

    See on-demand merch pricing 
  • Setting up payment

    Before your on-demand merch ships, you'll need to set up a payment mechanism.

    Set up payment 
  • Additional frequently asked questions

    Additional questions we often get asked about using MerchBlue

    Additional questions and answers 
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